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Introducing the business

Of all the things we eat and drink, water is the most important. Drinking water has to meet high standards in terms of both taste and purity.

Long term supplies need to be assured at a price which is affordable for public authorities and for their citizens. This means that the management of water supply and sewerage disposal systems is a responsibility to be taken extremely seriously. It is a responsibility which WTE Betriebsgesellschaft mbH can be relied upon to meet.

A Company of wte Wassertechnik GmbH Essen:

As a subsidiary of WTE Wassertechnik GmbH Essen, WTEB belongs to EVN AG – a company listed on the Vienna, Frankfurt and Munich stock exchanges. EVN shares represent an investment in a leading Austrian energy, water and infrastructure services business which has carefully prepared itself for the challenges of the future.
With its head office in Hecklingen in Saxony-Anhalt, WTEB is ideally located to be a reliable partner for the operation of networks abroad.


Other Companies Within the WTE Group:

   wte wassertechnik austria gmbh

   wte Wassertechnik Polska GmbH

   BioBalance A/S Denmark

WTE Group  offers:


  • planning and realisation of technical sewerage installations,
  • planning and building complete sewer networks including specialist constructions,
  • planning and constructing drinking watersupply systems and distribution networks,
  • financing water supply and sewerage systems,
  • financing water supply and sewerage systems,


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