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As a leading service provider we offer our clients expertise and employ qualified, specialist personnel. Our staff have extensive knowledge of domestic and industrial water supply and sewerage systems and of structural, civil and underground engineering. All systems benefit from the skills and knowledge of qualified engineers, water works supervisors, pipeline technicians, water supply specialists and sewage treatment experts as well as laboratory technicians and other trained staff. Regular staff training ensures that their knowledge and technical expertise are kept up to date.

Experience from projects in Germany and abroad and the transfer of knowledge between project teams guarantee high quality services.

Our expertise is the key to innovative solutions for the benefit of our clients.

When taking over a water business from a local authority the policy of WTE Betriebsgesellschaft mbH is to retain existing employees as necessary and to integrate them in management.
WTEB works to ensure that local businesses are able to tender for the supply of goods and services associated with its projects.