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We understand the challenges faced by local authorities and other water and sewerage service suppliers. WTEB is an expert and experienced provider of holistic solutions, supplying its clients with individually tailored service packages to enable maximum plant and business optimisation.

The comprehensive WTE-System consists of services which can be also provided separately and independently of an operating contract or partnership agreement. For this reason, the core business of WTEB has led to the development of two new service divisions: management services and engineering services.

Business Management

Planning, constructing, financing and operating drinking water supply and sewerage systems is a complex challenge which requires years of experience and a great deal of technical expertise. In order to carry out these demanding tasks more efficiently and economically, the WTE Betriebsgesellschaft mbH can take on both the technical and operational management and the commercial management of water and effluent systems for its clients.

Management services

Our management services division primarily provides centrally-coordinated services to support operational management and ensure the functioning of local plant and equipment. Our services in this area include commissioning new plant and equipment, technical optimisation and refurbishment, accident management and quality control.

 Engineering services

WTEB engineering services represent a powerful package of services both for municipal bodies responsible for water and sewerage and for companies in this industry. Our range of services in this field extends from technical surveys and initial evaluations through fee and charges management to the design and installation of network information systems and electronic land registers.