Business Management

Planning, constructing, financing and operating drinking water supply and sewerage systems is a complex challenge which requires years of experience and a great deal of technical expertise. In order to carry out these demanding tasks more efficiently and economically, the

WTE Betriebsgesellschaft mbH can take on both the technical and operational management and the commercial management of water and effluent systems for its clients.

WTEB has many years of management ...

experience gained from the perspective of operator, concession holder, cooperation partner and contracted manager. This is WTEB’s core business and it accounts for some 70% of our operating turnover.

We understand the challenges faced by local authorities and other water and sewerage service suppliers. WTEB is an expert and experienced provider of holistic solutions, supplying its clients with individually tailored service packages to enable maximum plant and business optimisation.

We take on the entire management of ...

water supply and sewerage systems on behalf of our clients. This includes all the tasks associated with drinking water abstraction, preparation and distribution as well as waste water collection, drainage and processing in biological sewage treatment plants.

  Business Management