Services of the operational management division

WTEB guarantees expert support and on-schedule implementation of your projects in the areas of planning, repairing and maintaining, or commissioning and optimising control systems.

WTEB differentiates between two service areas: technical management and business management.

WTEB technical management services

  • commissioning new equipment,
  • process optimisation and steering,
  • minimisation of running costs,
  • plant inspection and optimisation,
  • maintenance, servicing and repairs,
  • internal quality control,
  • monitoring indirect dischargers,
  • accident management,
  • laboratory testing of water and sewage,
  • health and safety at work
  • environmental protection and pollution control,
  • training provision,
  • installation and optimisation of control systems,
  • disposal of residual waste,
  • consistent documentation as part of the WTE-System.

WTEB’s business management services


  • management of plant, assets and staff,
  • profitability and liquidity planning,
  • cost calculations and monitoring,
  • bookkeeping and maintenance of stock and asset records,
  • budget preparation,
  • year end accounts and adjustments,
  • budget monitoring,
  • asset valuation,
  • stock managing, purchasing and logistics,
  • global calculations (e.g. return on regulatory asset value),
  • calculation of charges,
  • collecting of charges and levies,
  • collections and payment reminders.

  Business Management