Fee and charges management

WTEB’s fee and charges management system is a package which enables you to assess and capture, on a property-by-property basis, the basic data necessary for all types of fees and charges. These are then calculated in line with statutory regulations, byelaws and any relevant case law. An understanding of local authority structures and sound specialist knowledge are the foundation of our efficient, customer-focused solutions.

WTEB’s clients benefit from an approach which combines effective data capture techniques with the powerful software WINgbm to create an efficient package for the management of fees and charges. The heart of the WTEB system is the optimal recording of all relevant parameters, which then provides a firm foundation for the calculation and collection of fees and charges.

  • incorporation or creation of digital maps
  • aerial photography and analysis of aerial images
  • pooling data
  • self-assessment procedure
  • response processing
  • reminders and collections service
  • calculation of fees and charges
  • cost-benefit analysis

Latest Equipment ...

The latest aerial photography equipment enables WTEB to meet the highest standards of quality and reliably record all relevant geodata. Buildings, roofs, paved areas or green spaces – the information is converted into a digital form which allows computerised analysis and reporting in combination with the digital cadastral register.

The active involvement of residents and the specially-developed software WINgbm form a basis for the successful introduction of split charging systems.

   Fee and charges management

Services include:

  • comprehensive data recording,
  • transfer of data from third party network information systems,
  • transfer and enhancement of data from existing records and maps,
  • local land surveying,
  • maintenance of data sets,
  • installation of the systems WINgbm and WTE-NIS and appropriate staff training,
  • recording technical data for plant and equipment,
  • incorporation or creation of digital maps,
  • aerial photography; analysis of aerial images,
  • data pooling,
  • self-assessment procedure,
  • response processing,
  • reminders and collections service,
  • calculating fees and charges,
  • cost-benefit analysis