Fee and charges management

Effluent and rainwater are channelled into public sewers as a matter of course. But sewage then needs to be treated and cleaned before it is returned into the environment. Construction and maintaining the pipes and equipment necessary for this process is an expensive business.

Drinking water is a product which must meet the highest quality standards and is expected to be constantly available and affordable. This service, too, costs money.

But which costs are suppliers allowed to include in their charges and fees? WTEB can help you calculate charges and fees that fully comply with the relevant law. After all, water supply and sewerage services are valuable and have to be paid for.

Use the benefits we offer ...

WTEB’s fee and charges management system is a package which, first of all, enables you to assess and capture, on a property-by-property basis, the basic data necessary for all types of fees and charges.

These key data then form the basis for calculating fees and charges for sewage disposal (including split charging) and water supply. They also allow charges for new buildings and road projects to be calculated as well as analogous calculations relating to - for example - unregulated contractual payments.

Our staff team has in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws and byelaws as well as expertise in water supply networks, structural and underground engineering and in the correct calculation of costs and charges.

Our commitment to being a “single provider” means that WTEB offers a comprehensive range of services. Our role does not end with the collection and capture of basic geographical and property data: we can support you with customer self-assessments (questionnaires), charge calculations or the establishment of databases for geographic information systems (GIS), asset records and network information systems.

Services include:

  • incorporation or creation of digital maps
  • aerial photography and analysis of aerial images
  • pooling data
  • self-assessment procedure
  • response processing
  • reminders and collections service
  • calculation of fees and charges
  • cost-benefit analysis


  • grundstücksbezogene Grundlagenermittlung
  • Umfassender problembezogener Bürgerservice
  • Vielfältige Möglichkeiten zur weiteren Nutzung der Datenbasis