Engineering Services

Local authorities are responsible for safe and reliable drinking water supplies and for sewage disposal.

Charges and prices must cover costs in order to safeguard the long term operation of water supply and sewerage systems and, in particular, to maintain the necessary infrastructure.

To manage and monitor water networks effectively and efficiently, large quantities of data need to be collected and processed. But which costs can be taken into account when calculating charges? What information about plant and equipment must be recorded? How can you manage these quantities of data without being overwhelmed by their sheer volume?

Support of Municipal Authorities

WTEB helps municipal authorities to ensure that their fees and charges are not open to legal challenge. In addition, WTEB network information systems enable the required data to be collected easily and systematically. Supply and network data are digitally recorded and available for processing.

As a leading solutions provider, WTEB offers its clients excellent service and the skills of qualified specialists. Our staff have expertise and experience in water supply, structural and underground engineering, geodesics and photogrammetry as well as in commercial and business management.

Data Collection

WTEB can provide property-specific data collection for the following kinds of fees and charges:

 n calculation of fees and charges for sewage disposal, including   charge splitting,

 n calculation of charges for drinking water supply,

 n calculation of charges for supplies to new buildings and road   projects (including both one-off and recurring road drainage charges),

 n calculation of (non-statutory) fees and charges for private contracts.

    Engineering Services