Network information systems

Effective monitoring and maintenance of water and sewerage networks involves the collection and management of large quantities of data.

Until now this has been a paper-driven process, but analysing large quantities of paper documents is by no means straightforward. The sheer volume of information is overwhelming and it takes a great deal of time to produce the most basic reports.

Network information systems from WTEB are the solution. Large quantities of data can be recorded easily and stored systematically, allowing you to perform analyses and calculations in real-time. Your operational data are instantly available in digital form.

Save Time and Increase Efficiency

WTEB provides a comprehensive range of services in the design and implementation of network information systems for local authorities and for private water and sewerage companies.

These can cover everything from data collection through to a complete service, including ongoing management of your data by WTEB’s expert staff.

As well as undertaking the design and installation of your network information system, WTEB can provide solutions for data transfer from other systems.

   Network information systems

Services include:

  • comprehensive data recording,
  • transfer of data from third party network information systems,
  • transfer and enhancement of data from existing records and maps,
  • local land surveying,
  • maintenance of data sets,
  • installation of the systems WINgbm and WTE-NIS and appropriate staff training,
  • recording technical data for plant and equipment,
  • incorporation or creation of digital maps,
  • aerial photography; analysis of aerial images,
  • data pooling,
  • self-assessment procedure,
  • response processing,
  • reminders and collections service,
  • calculating fees and charges,
  • cost-benefit analysis