Electronic operation and maintenance manuals

In recent years there has been an increasingly strict approach to product liability and business responsibility. Water and sewerage companies, too, need to ensure that this responsibility is taken seriously.

Producing operation and maintenance manuals - and keeping them up to date - is an important precautionary measure, contributing to compliance with statutory requirements as well as meeting the needs of clients and partners.

By introducing electronic operating and maintenance manuals, the time and effort required to prepare and amend these documents can be kept to a minimum. Take advantage of WTEB’s experience and expertise!

Innovative Solutions 

Producing and updating operation and maintenance manuals in digital form means that even complex technical documentation can be kept up to date with a minimum of effort. Publishing manuals digitally, and making them available on an internal company network or over the internet, means that just one original needs to be created and amended. Changes can be made quickly and easily.

Our team’s experience and expertise mean that WTEB electronic manuals have an accessible interface and that their content is structured appropriately. Integrated functions including search facilities, navigation trees and intelligently linked content enable users to find, amend or add documents and descriptions quickly and easily.

 Electronic operation manuals

Services include:

  • emergency manual
  • installation and operating instructions
  • technical procedures
  • description of functions
  • plant and equipment design specifications
  • trouble-shooting information: descriptions of faults and remedial action
  • detailed (manufacturer’s) descriptions of plant and equipment
     - machine record cards
     - maintenance plans
     - spare parts lists

Benefits at a glance:

  • easy to amend
  • user-oriented layout and structure
  • intelligent linking of content and    applications
  • central publication via internet or intranet
  • multilingual capability