Electronic reporting systems

Improved process management and a better flow of information can bring significant savings. Imagine being able to access operational data and archived documents in seconds from any PC workstation, within your company network or over the internet. WTEB provides solutions which enable customised electronic reporting – giving you the data you need to improve processes and information management.

WTEB has developed a system which can be customised to meet your needs for the recording, archiving and analysis of operational data.

Key features of WTEB electronic reporting systems include straightforward data entry, clearly structured reports and efficient analysis of operational data. 

Operational data can either be transferred directly from computerised process control systems or input by staff. The software package “WTEB-Betrieb” can then produce tables, reports, charts and statistics tailored to your specific requirements.

Rapid data access for lower costs and greater efficiency

At the heart of the WTEB electronic reporting system is a data repository in which all the operational data needed for internal accounting and statutory reporting are stored in accordance with the requirements of regulatory bodies. These will normally include flow rates, pH values, temperatures and oxygen content as well as laboratory data and usage figures for water treatment consumables.

A user-friendly interface and a logical structure make the system quick and easy to use. The integrated diagram editor enables you to create tailor-made reports for accounting, monitoring or presentation purposes.

When WTEB implements an electronic reporting system, we provide a solution which is adaptable and tailored to the client’s individual needs. An optional “Input Designer” enables customisation of database structures and input masks. Data analysis is straightforward, thanks to full integration with Microsoft Excel, and customised reports can be generated both for internal purposes and to comply with regulatory requirements.

As a result you save on space, materials and time and above all are able to give your customers a better service.

The user interface can be made available in more than one language and users can change between languages with a simple switch. This feature can be implemented for any language and to date our team has produced versions in English, Croatian, Slovenian and Russian.

The reporting software has multiple project capability and a single seat licence allows up to 50 projects to be managed.

Services include:


  • collection and storage of all data required for compliance management
  • structured to meet your individual requirements
  • quick and easy operation
  • automatic integration of operational data measured online

Benefits at a glance:

  • individually designed tables, diagrams and analyses
  • preparation of reports
  • integrated language switching
  • integrated diagram editor
  • multiple project capability


 Electronic reporting