Implementing maintenance and service programmes

The implementation of maintenance and service programmes makes your day-to-day operations flexible, service-oriented and more efficient. As operational demands increase, so does the importance of a customised maintenance and servicing plan. Take advantage of WTEB’s carefully blended combination of products and services: the affordable way to ensure maximum up-time and life-span for your plant and equipment.

Reduced costs and longer life for plant and equipment

WTEB’s service increases the percentage of time that your plant and equipment is up and running. It extends equipment life and leads to long-term savings on maintenance and repair costs. Years of experience mean that we know just what matters.

Take advantage of the expertise and experience of our specialist staff. With our software package “WTEB-Betrieb” you don’t simply see potential cost savings, you implement them.

Our direct experience of operational management and the constantly changing requirements of our customers have enabled us to develop a practical software application which meets your real needs.


Services include:


  • gather data on running time of equipment and parts
  • service interval monitoring
  • integration of manufacturer and supplier data
  • integrated stock management
  • automatic generation of equipment    record cards
  • comprehensive documentation management 
  • service history archiving
  • guarantee claim tracking
  • bar code identification system
  • generation and updating of damage reports

Benefits at a glance:

  • improves effectiveness of preventative maintenance and testing
  • greater equipment security and reliability
  • extends life of plant and equipment
  • faster, more efficient, better quality processes
  • optimisation of technical support resources
  • cost savings on maintenance planning


   Implementing maintenance