Management Services

Products and services are expected to meet ever higher quality standards. Decisions need to be taken faster and changing circumstances demand quick reactions. To meet these challenges WTE Betriebsgesellschaft mbH provides clients with a carefully blended range of products and services to ensure high productivity and extend the working lifetime of their plant and equipment.

Our management services division primarily provides central services to support operational management and ensure the functioning of local plants. Our services in this area extend from commissioning new plant and equipment through maintenance scheduling to accident management. WTEB provides a full range of both operational and business management services.

WTEB management services give you the benefit of our comprehensive expertise as a provider of holistic solutions that make financial sense.

WTEB provides clients with effective, efficient solutions to tasks associated with commissioning new plants and with operational support services.

Preparation for commissioning

Services in preparation for the commissioning of new plant include:

  • assistance with recruitment and selection of staff,
  • preparing employees for their duties,
  • intensive training of staff for specialist areas (electrical and machine    engineering, process technology, laboratory),
  • process planning, taking account of existing staff structures,
  • training of supervisory staff and practical instruction,
  • practical staff training in processes specific to the electrical equipment and machinery to be installed and used,
  • test commissioning in line with contractual agreements with plant and equipment manufacturers,
  • production of electronic operating and maintenance handbooks.

    Management Services

Support services for water and sewerage operations

In managing water and sewerage plants WTEB places particular importance on systematic and detailed monitoring. Years of experience and wide staff expertise, together with the certified WTE-System (DIN EN ISO 9001:2000), enable us to meet the high demands placed on us by clients, partners and the law.

Regular checking by means of sampling, analysis and remote monitoring, along with the implementation of any corrective measures shown to be necessary, ensures complete and continuous compliance with statutory quality standards.

In addition to statutory quality control measures, WTEB also carries out separate internal quality assurance inspections and monitoring of its plant, equipment and of water quality and effluent composition.

Support services for water and sewerage operations include:

  • preparing training schedules,
  • preparing accident plans for fault recovery,
  • organising spare part stocks for machinery and electronic equipment,
  • ensuring uninterrupted service,
  • additional training for specialist duties,
  • annual equipment inspections in accordance with contractual   requirements,
  • support for management in implementing staff systems,
  • support in remedying service interruptions (organising replacement parts or on-site repairs),
  • support with health and safety at work,
  • preparation of operating instructions for plant and equipment,
  • introduction and supervision of maintenance and service    programmes,
  • support with internal monitoring and inspections,
  • support and supervision of laboratories and laboratory staff.