Process control systems and technical optimisation

Imagine being able to monitor your complex plant and equipment from wherever you happen to be. Being able to apply the skills of your specialist staff precisely where they are needed. Long response times in the event of breakdowns or faults are a thing of the past. You can control and adjust the operation of your equipment anywhere in the world. Your customers are satisfied and your travelling time and travel costs are reduced to a minimum.

That is the purpose of WTEB process control systems.

Our expertise is your solution

Products and services are expected to meet ever higher quality standards. Decisions have to be taken more quickly and changing circumstances require rapid reactions - but the quality of your decisions cannot be allowed to suffer as a result. The answer is to ensure that the necessary information is available in a form which permits immediate and efficient decision making.

Scope for further technical optimisation of water supply and sewerage plant and equipment is limited. The real potential for further savings lies in improving the flow of information.

  Process control systems

Services include:

  • implementing and configuring process control systems
  • creation of graphical user interfaces for remote operation of plant and equipment
  • configuration of troubleshooting system
  • implementing warning message function
  • operator training
  • integration with other software applications

Benefits at a glance:

  • optimisation potential
  • reduction in costs
  • remote availability of real-time data
  • customised presentation of information relevant to your individual needs