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1. WTEB services in a nutshell
A high level of competence and keeping in close touch with our customers and their needs are our core principles.The comprehensive WTE-System consists of services which can be also
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2. Management Services
Products and services are expected to meet ever higher quality standards. Decisions need to be taken faster and changing circumstances demand quick reactions. To meet these challenges
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We understand the challenges faced by local authorities and other water and sewerage service suppliers. WTEB is an expert and experienced provider of holistic solutions, supplying
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4. Services of the operational management division
WTEB guarantees expert support and on-schedule implementation of your projects in the areas of planning, repairing and maintaining, or commissioning and optimising control systems.WTEB differentiates
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5. Business Management
Planning, constructing, financing and operating drinking water supply and sewerage systems is a complex challenge which requires years of experience and a great deal of technical expertise. In order
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6. Implementing maintenance and service programmes
The implementation of maintenance and service programmes makes your day-to-day operations flexible, service-oriented and more efficient. As operational demands
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7. A close collaboration is our objective
WTEB has many years of management experience gained from the perspective of operator, concession holder, cooperation partner and contracted manager. This is WTEB’s core business and
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8. Fee and charges management
Effluent and rainwater are channelled into public sewers as a matter of course. But sewage then needs to be treated and cleaned before it is returned into the environment. Construction and maintaining
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9. Fee and charges management
WTEB’s fee and charges management system is a package which enables you to assess and capture, on a property-by-property basis, the basic data necessary for all types of fees
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10. Network information systems
Effective monitoring and maintenance of water and sewerage networks involves the collection and management of large quantities of data.Until now this has been a paper-driven process,
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